The Time Machine

What the OP-EZY site looked like in the past
Over the years, the OP-EZY site has changed, from being a private site, hosted at tripod, to an online Radio Station, to the current portal to the Productions and Music sites today.

The OP-EZY Logos

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Take me back...

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  • (V0.0.2 - 2003) | Back in the early days, when OP-EZY started as a group of people hacking local networks, led by James Crawford, we decided to make a website to put any information we found out onto. He put it together using a template from Tripod site if I remember rightly! I'm not sure if there ever was a V0.0.1, but if there was, I never saw it!
    If you click the image to go to the archived site, and leave the username and password blank, you'll get in... and yes, James did mis-spell the word "Information"

    OP-EZY Version 0.0.2

    The original passworded site is still hosted at Tripod
  • (V0.1 - 2005) | Welcome to the OP-EZY Pirate Radio days, this was a successful project, until I decided to stop the down right illigal pirate station! Anywho, during these days, the site hosted on the first home hosted server first looked like this:

    Version 0.1

    It was only really a small front end until I came up with something better!
  • (V0.2 - 2005) REMADE | It wasn't long before the site was redesigned to be a little more frindly to the eye. This version has been remade after losing the original files, and was based on images I saw of the site running! FYI: The pixelated logo came from the progam Icon used on many OP-EZY programs!

    Version 0.2 remade

  • (V0.3 - 2005) Mockup | The radio station was actually a joint idea between me, and Tom Bullimore, he came up with an idea on how to make the site "better"

    Bullimore's first redesign effort!

  • (V0.4 - 2005) REMADE | I didn't quite like his ideas, so I updated my version to include a second station (shown by the table), this second station was planned for Tom, but eventually ended up being used by James Crawford a few months later!

    Version 0.4 remade

  • (V0.5 - 2005) Mockup | Tom decided to edit this design too (both times were done in MS Paint!), this time the design looked better, but the days of sticking large firefox logos were long gone...

    Bullimore's second attempt!

  • (V0.6 - 2005) Mockup | ...but he took it one step further and made a site in... powerpoint! Ok, yeah, it was just a mock, but still, the firefox logos were still there!

    Bullimore's third attempt!

  • (V1.0 & V1.1 - 2005) | So we finally finalised the site, V1.0 stuck with the table for displaying the DJ information, whilst version 1.1 replaced this with a Flash application.

    The first finished siteThe first finished site revised

  • (V2.0 - 2005-2006) | Ahh yes, version 2.0, by now, the radio stations were taken down, and this site took it's place. It was one of the worst designs as the whole site is done in tables! (click here to read why this is bad!) The navigation menus were made in Flash, which isn't too much of a problem for users, as most people have Flash Player installed. But search engines don't use flash, so they have no way of crawling through the pages! The site's only real purpose was to promote the CS-40 page!

    The first site after the radio

    The Flash intro animation was the official logo at the time, but can be bypassed by clicking here!
  • (PRE-V3.0 - 2006) | Soon after downloading Slackware 10.2 (as quoted in the final snapshot of OP-EZY V2.0), We (James and I) decided to start selling electronic goods via the OP-EZY name. We came up with a new logo, (known as the Speech Bubble logo), and as the whole site was taken down while I designed the sites! Till then, they were greeted with a large version of the new logo!

    The Speech Bubble logo

  • (V3.0 - 2006) | Finally 3.0 was released for the world to see! We made a nice 20th Century Fox mockup flash logo (bypass it here). Oh yeah, and a Joke aimed at "Farmer John"!

    OP-EZY 3

    And here is the site designed for "OP-EZY Electronics" based on the OP-EZY 3.0 design, we decided to have a nice flash animation in the middle with a girl (called Anna) modeling our products! We never got round to doing this, due to the fact we couldn't find any reliable suppliers.. We infact got one shipment of Bluetooth headsets, but the chargers supplied with them all exploded after about 15 minutes use! Closer inspecting showed that the headsets were also fake, although very well replicated! One day OP-EZY might have a second attempt, but there are no current plans! You may also notice the many spelling mistakes on the site!

    OP-EZY Electronics - Technology You Want, at the Right Price!

  • (V3.1 - NOT RELEASED - 2006) | This was my first dive into CSS (Cascade Style Sheets), it was a big failure, so I never replaced the main site with this one! I didn't design my site from scratch again till V6.0 (The current site)

    A Pile of Fail!

  • (V4.0 - 2006-2007) | So I searched for a template to use, and settled for this one. This site lasted a while, and as you can see, I started reducing my Flash content! This design featured a small Flash based clock in the corner, that was programmed to use the system clock on the user's computer. So if the clock on your computer is wrong, then the OP-EZY clock will show the wrong time too!

    OP-EZY 4

    4.0 was also the design for the first LCD (Learning Centre DooM) site:

    Learning Centre DooM

  • (V5.1 - 2007-2009) | Our longest running design! Version 5 and 5.1 look pretty much the same, difference being 5 couldn't display text along side images! This was the first design to pass HTML Validation by W3C, and was the last to show the Speech Bubble logo!

    Version 5.1